Positive matrices and nonnegative matrices


Stochastic Matrix

A matrix is (lefty) stochastic/Markov, if it is nonnegative and its column sums are 1.

Theorem: If $A$ is Markov, then TFAE (the followings are equivalent):

  • $\lambda_{1} = 1$;
  • Eigenvector $\mathbf{x}_{1}$ is non-negative;
  • $| \lambda_{i} | \leq 1, \forall i \ne 1$;
  • If any power of $A$ is positive, then $\vert \lambda_{i} \vert \leq 1, \forall i \ne 1$, and $A^{k} \mathbf{u}_0 \to c \mathbf{x}_1$, when $k \to \infty$.

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