ZHANG, Ruda March 09, 2021:  Defind mode, median; more on Gaussian rv, probabilistic models on matrix manifolds. [7c5a23c]
ZHANG, Ruda August 07, 2020:  Correct math: use 1 with set subscript for characteristic function / indicator function of the set; use "[ x ]" instead of "[x]" to avoid GFM checkbox syntax. [1ac98ba]
ZHANG, Ruda May 23, 2020:  More on optimization, Lipschitz continuity, gradient dominance, interior-point method. [d94df10]
ZHANG, Ruda January 23, 2020:  More on Hilbert space. [a81f4f5]
ZHANG, Ruda January 18, 2020:  Convert math-text words to text only when the math symbols are ASCII only. [e4c945c]
ZHANG, Ruda December 05, 2019:  More on manifolds, from John Marshall Lee's textbooks. [6ba9029]
ZHANG, Ruda May 22, 2019:  More on linear operators. [27de1ed]
ZHANG, Ruda May 16, 2019:  More on measure space, linear operators. [3390fb8]
ZHANG, Ruda April 27, 2019:  Escape LaTeX norm symbols. [6c31f92]
ZHANG, Ruda February 24, 2019:  Replace superscript * to ∗ [d60bd7f]
ZHANG, Ruda December 30, 2018:  Use dollar style math markup. [1b7036c]
ZHANG, Ruda September 30, 2018:  CSS redesign; more edits. [dd44d96]
Ruda Zhang June 15, 2017:  More on convexity [d3aee79]
Ruda Zhang June 13, 2017:  Fix typo [ce00d7d]
Ruda Zhang May 07, 2017:  More on Duality [0725332]
Ruda Zhang April 27, 2017:  Complete optimization and convex op. [eb5aa9e]
Ruda Zhang April 26, 2017:  Add polyhedral convextiy. [5481b5b]
Ruda Zhang April 26, 2017:  Complete notes on convexity [8a1a326]
Ruda Zhang April 26, 2017:  Add note on optimization [63abe30]