ZHANG, Ruda December 30, 2018:  More satellite imagery open data; Google Maps Plus Code. [7198f37]
ZHANG, Ruda December 10, 2018:  More on Google Maps API; Add newline before list [03f47c7]
ZHANG, Ruda December 02, 2018:  More on SVD, graph mining, Monte Carlo in econometrics, commercial satellite imagery; text formatting/reflow. [20eea16]
ZHANG, Ruda July 10, 2018:  Add manifold learning [ba3d5e6]
Ruda Zhang September 03, 2016:  Open satellite imagery. [6beb98d]
Ruda Zhang August 07, 2016:  Replace tab with two spaces. [adaa87b]
Ruda Zhang June 26, 2016:  one sentence per line [e15360a]
Ruda Zhang June 26, 2016:  add category tag to wiki pages [a9b356c]
Ruda Zhang June 26, 2016:  use canonical filename and no internal H1 [eeca8ff]