ZHANG, Ruda July 04, 2022:  More on distributions on matrix manifolds. [5423b7c]
ZHANG, Ruda June 04, 2022:  Add left/right inverse, matrix exponential, condition number, Frechet derivative, inverse. [667167e]
ZHANG, Ruda April 23, 2022:  More on generalized and quadratic eigenvalue problems. [3791f1b]
ZHANG, Ruda July 20, 2021:  More on matrix manifolds, Riemannian center of mass, matrix exponential. [cfb964f]
ZHANG, Ruda March 09, 2021:  Defind mode, median; more on Gaussian rv, probabilistic models on matrix manifolds. [7c5a23c]
ZHANG, Ruda March 03, 2021:  More on probabilistic models on manifolds and matrix manifolds, matrix-variate functions, matrix functions. [92128e2]