ZHANG, Ruda September 18, 2021:  Add length space and metric geometry. [8e75409]
ZHANG, Ruda April 18, 2021:  More on distances between probability measures; cost of QR. [5ac0164]
ZHANG, Ruda June 16, 2020:  More on Lipschitz/Hölder condition. [1ceb409]
ZHANG, Ruda June 12, 2020:  More on numerical analysis: Newton's method. [a6c383b]
ZHANG, Ruda May 23, 2020:  More on optimization, Lipschitz continuity, gradient dominance, interior-point method. [d94df10]
ZHANG, Ruda April 26, 2020:  More on smooth/Riemannian manifolds: connection, covariant derivative, vector fields along a curve, parallel transport; Levi-Civita connection. [dfc6848]
ZHANG, Ruda April 18, 2020:  Topological and strong equivalent of norms and metrics. [c6ba1e3]
ZHANG, Ruda March 08, 2020:  Hausdorff distance and asymptotic notation. [2c5ad28]
ZHANG, Ruda January 23, 2020:  More on Hilbert space. [a81f4f5]
ZHANG, Ruda January 21, 2020:  More on Hilbert space. [67ff8bb]
ZHANG, Ruda December 05, 2019:  More on manifolds, from John Marshall Lee's textbooks. [6ba9029]
ZHANG, Ruda May 22, 2019:  More on linear operators. [27de1ed]
ZHANG, Ruda May 16, 2019:  More on measure space, linear operators. [3390fb8]
ZHANG, Ruda April 28, 2019:  More on linear operators, algebra. [8629d3e]
ZHANG, Ruda April 21, 2019:  More on analysis [ebac375]
ZHANG, Ruda March 22, 2019:  Sampling on manifold [a455635]
ZHANG, Ruda March 19, 2019:  Reformat notes on functional analysis. [df25f75]
ZHANG, Ruda February 20, 2019:  More on linear algebra, metric space. [596ca8c]
ZHANG, Ruda December 30, 2018:  Use dollar style math markup. [1b7036c]
ZHANG, Ruda March 23, 2018:  Global remove trailing whitespaces [2b7ff90]
Ruda Zhang June 26, 2016:  one sentence per line [e15360a]
Ruda Zhang June 26, 2016:  add category tag to wiki pages [a9b356c]
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