ZHANG, Ruda June 02, 2020:  Reorganize Differential Geometry and Calculus on Manifolds. More on manifolds: connection, Lie bracket, Riemannian submanifolds; hypersurface; sectional curvature. [bfeb838]
ZHANG, Ruda May 23, 2020:  More on optimization, Lipschitz continuity, gradient dominance, interior-point method. [d94df10]
ZHANG, Ruda December 05, 2019:  More on manifolds, from John Marshall Lee's textbooks. [6ba9029]
ZHANG, Ruda August 08, 2019:  Formating; separate duality theorems; add Vehicle Routing Problem [fbfb8ee]
ZHANG, Ruda May 16, 2019:  More on measure space, linear operators. [3390fb8]
ZHANG, Ruda February 24, 2019:  Replace superscript * to ∗ [d60bd7f]
ZHANG, Ruda December 30, 2018:  Use dollar style math markup. [1b7036c]
Ruda Zhang April 27, 2017:  MIT Optimization course notes [ca1251c]
Ruda Zhang April 27, 2017:  Add Category=Analysis [09bed91]
Ruda Zhang April 27, 2017:  Complete optimization and convex op. [eb5aa9e]
Ruda Zhang June 26, 2016:  Entry page overhaul. [d0c7379]