ZHANG, Ruda December 22, 2022:  More edits on RKHS. Properties of MACG. Minor edits before migrating to Gollum v5.0 [430122d]
ZHANG, Ruda July 17, 2022:  Replace 'matrix theory' with 'matrix analysis'. Reorganize notes. More on orthogonal matrices. [3738382]
ZHANG, Ruda July 04, 2022:  More on distributions on matrix manifolds. [5423b7c]
ZHANG, Ruda June 04, 2022:  Add left/right inverse, matrix exponential, condition number, Frechet derivative, inverse. [667167e]
ZHANG, Ruda January 14, 2022:  Intuition on matrix factorization; add pseudoinverse; correct math. [bc88491]