ZHANG, Ruda September 17, 2021:  More on homogeneous space. [cd4e7fe]
ZHANG, Ruda September 17, 2021:  Correct math. [3f9866c]
ZHANG, Ruda July 20, 2021:  More on homogeneous space, common Riemannian symmetric spaces. [07e3197]
ZHANG, Ruda March 28, 2021:  More on product manifold; fix typo. [06eeb18]
ZHANG, Ruda February 25, 2021:  Add perturbation theory for linear operators. [3aae292]
ZHANG, Ruda February 19, 2021:  More on Grassmannian; Jacobi field, conjugate point. [ffad0c9]
ZHANG, Ruda February 15, 2021:  Add matrix manifolds, principal angles between subspaces, Riemannian logarithm. [c0a0430]
ZHANG, Ruda August 07, 2020:  Correct math: use 1 with set subscript for characteristic function / indicator function of the set; use "[ x ]" instead of "[x]" to avoid GFM checkbox syntax. [1ac98ba]
ZHANG, Ruda June 05, 2020:  More on manifolds: curvature concepts; bounds for sectional and Ricci curvature. [0b35b68]
ZHANG, Ruda June 02, 2020:  Reorganize Differential Geometry and Calculus on Manifolds. More on manifolds: connection, Lie bracket, Riemannian submanifolds; hypersurface; sectional curvature. [bfeb838]
ZHANG, Ruda May 28, 2020:  More on manifold: geodesic, higher-order retraction, matrix manifolds, horizontal lift, C^k regular level set theorem, zero section, curvature. [22084b8]
ZHANG, Ruda May 09, 2020:  More on matrix manifolds: Stiefel, Grassmannian, etc. [307a811]
ZHANG, Ruda April 26, 2020:  More on smooth/Riemannian manifolds: connection, covariant derivative, vector fields along a curve, parallel transport; Levi-Civita connection. [dfc6848]
ZHANG, Ruda April 18, 2020:  More on geodesic, exponential map, normal and Fermi coordinates, frames, etc. [10265b3]
ZHANG, Ruda April 18, 2020:  More on normal and tubular neighborhoods of submanifolds. [4391a5d]
ZHANG, Ruda March 11, 2020:  Edit bootstrap. [b9359a7]
ZHANG, Ruda February 05, 2020:  More on dynamical systems. [72482d6]
ZHANG, Ruda January 23, 2020:  More on Hilbert space. [a81f4f5]
ZHANG, Ruda January 21, 2020:  More on Hilbert space. [67ff8bb]
ZHANG, Ruda January 20, 2020:  More on Riemannian manifolds. [debb35a]
ZHANG, Ruda January 18, 2020:  Convert math-text words to text only when the math symbols are ASCII only. [e4c945c]
ZHANG, Ruda December 05, 2019:  More on manifolds, from John Marshall Lee's textbooks. [6ba9029]
ZHANG, Ruda November 24, 2019:  Add climate econometrics; more edits. [a8291fb]
ZHANG, Ruda May 22, 2019:  More on linear operators. [27de1ed]
ZHANG, Ruda May 16, 2019:  More on measure space, linear operators. [3390fb8]
ZHANG, Ruda April 28, 2019:  More on linear operators, algebra. [8629d3e]
ZHANG, Ruda April 21, 2019:  More on analysis [ebac375]
ZHANG, Ruda April 21, 2019:  More on algebraic topology, Hilbert space [b540ad4]
ZHANG, Ruda March 31, 2019:  More on probabilistic models [ac94f7d]
ZHANG, Ruda March 19, 2019:  More on topolog and geometry. [8fdd7fa]