ZHANG, Ruda July 17, 2022:  Replace 'matrix theory' with 'matrix analysis'. Reorganize notes. More on orthogonal matrices. [3738382]
ZHANG, Ruda July 02, 2022:  More on real orthogonal standard forms. [9cb042f]
ZHANG, Ruda June 20, 2022:  Corrections to Grassmann manifold. More on real versions: Hermitian vs. symmetric; unitary vs. orthogonal. Commutability and simultaneous diagonability. Real representations of unitary, complex orthogonal matrices. [f9ec122]
ZHANG, Ruda June 14, 2022:  Minor edits; more on SVD, normal matrix, unitary matrix. [31e71f8]
ZHANG, Ruda February 24, 2019:  More on matrix theory. [46d0a3a]